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1. Will there be a balloon drop and confetti storm at midnight?
Answer – Yes, but only at some other random <insert whatever name you like> ballroom party, not at The Drop. There isn't a ballroom big enough to house what you will be witnessing this New Year's Eve! We’re much cooler than that; we're shutting down streets and setting up shop on top of a building.

2. Will there be food?
Answer – Yes, there will be something for everyone! In addition to the usual Campus Martius concessions like hot cocoa and s’mores, we will be holding a food truck rally. You like Mexican food? The El Guapo truck is your huckleberry! Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese? The Mac Shack is where it’s at! Pizza? How about Rolling Stones Wood-Fired Pizza! Dessert or Coffee? Get Beignets or Cronuts from the Beignets truck! Gourmet popcorn? Mystic Kettle has you covered, friend!

3. Will there be beverages?
Answer – Yes, whether its coffee, water, or pop, or you want to loosen up with something alcoholic, we have you covered. Multiple vendors throughout the event space can take care of your non-alcoholic needs, and we’ve partnered with Fountain Bistro and Rinkside Lounge in Campus Martius Park to ensure that our 21+ revelers won’t be without their favorite libations.

4. Will there be bathrooms?
Answer – Yes, when nature calls, Motor City NYE answers! Portable bathrooms will be available on-site all evening long.

5. I was at the event last year and it was a blast. Will it be the same this year?
Answer – Simply put, no. Our goal is to make this year’s event bigger and better. The event has expanded to allow for more revelers and the entire Drop has been re-engineered once again, this year taking place on the roof of Chase Tower. Due to this increased footprint and height, as well as added supporting elements, we are again shutting down the streets and securing roof-tops to accommodate the growth.

6. Is this event open to the public?
Answer – This event is for everyone. We welcome anyone who would like to come down and celebrate with us. There is no charge for entry to any area affiliated with the Drop. Motor City New Year’s Eve is proud to dedicate the event to Detroit and all its surrounding communities.

7. Will there be parking available?
Answer - Yes, Downtown handles parking for huge events like the Jazz Fest or Lions games without any problems. You'll find many parking garages and surface lots within easy walking distance of the party. Also, don't forget that, if you've had a few too many of the libations mentioned above, you can use Uber promo code "MotorCityNYE" for $25 off a ride during the event, if it's your first ride with Uber.

8. This is your fourth year and you’re expanding again? How can this be happening?
Answer – That is an excellent question. New Year’s Eve 2011 was our inaugural event and we were surprised by how quickly the community adopted us, with almost 5,000 people showing up to witness the Drop at midnight. While it was a humble beginning, it was also the beginning of new tradition. For our second year in 2012, we attracted nearly 10,000 people to witness history in the making again. Last year, approximately 12,000 people surrounded Campus Martius to help us ring in the New Year, and this year we expect around 15,000 people!

For this year we’ve changed things up a bit. Gone is the ticketed gala as all of our efforts are being directed at the larger event outside. Our focus is to provide free entertainment and bring a celebratory atmosphere to downtown Detroit for all to enjoy.

9. Your FAQ’s are kind of weird. Are you being serious?
Answer – Yes. We love to have fun here at “The Drop” but at the end of the day we’re not only serious but extremely proud of our city and of this tradition.

For us, good enough is not good enough. We strive for excellence. We strive to put on a great celebration to show the world our proud Detroit spirit! At the end of the day, all of this is for you. Viva Detroit!

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